Friday, October 25, 2019

Trunk or Treat set for 31 October 2019 at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, Oklahoma announced today that this year’s Trunk or Treat will be held on Thursday, 31 October 2019 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Trunk or Treat offers games and gifts for all children, greetings of God loves you, and plenty of candy. 

Trunk or Treat also goes by the name of Love Ambush #2.  The church is called out of the world, set apart from the world (made holy is the term) and sent back into the world with good news of life in Jesus Christ.  Sometimes going out involves door-to-door visits, setting up during an event, and even using social media to reach people.

The most effective way to reach people is face-to-face.  While the world is celebrating that which is gruesome, grotesque, and sometimes just gaudy; the church has set an ambush that we believe many will walk into. 

A military ambush is designed to kill the enemy.  Our ambush is designed to help people move from death to life.  While people are out and about in their getups, they are invited to come to the games and events at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. 

We will tell your kids that God loves them.  We will tell parents that God loves them and that among the chief of their parenting duties is bringing up a child in the way he or she should go.  That means learning about God and how much he loves us through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Yes, there will be enough candy to keep your kids in cavities for years to come.  There will also be gospels and videos and other items to remind you that God loves you long after the candy is gone.

Most of all, we want to talk with you about God’s love.  The games and candy motivate the kids and adults to come.  Our motivation is that we want to share good news with you.

In this world where every statement is debated and ridiculed and where acrimony and vitriol are the social media standard, come and know these things to be true.  Know it first hand from other disciples.

God is good.
God loves you.
Jesus is Lord.

You can turn away from and leave behind a godless world for the Kingdom of the one true God.
Once you have done that, you will be compelled to share the good news whenever and wherever you are.  On the 31st of this month, that just happens to be at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, America.

Once you realize that you may have started your day conformed to the world, you may desire to live in response to the overwhelming grace and favor of God by his simple command that we love one another.

Candy is temporary.  The cutest kid’s costume is soon related to a photo that’s lost among the memes and diatribes of today’s media.  The world does not love you but God and his people do.  Let’s have a conversation about what’s important.

Your day might start out with costumes and pranks but we want it to end with saving grace and a desire to serve the Lord.  Let’s talk.  It will be the most important thing you do on the 31st.

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