Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fantastic turnout for Community Easter Egg Hunt

Burns Flat, Oklahoma, 26 March 2016:  The sun was shining, the wind was light, and helpers were plentiful as the final preparations were made to host the Community Easter Egg Hunt.

For the third consecutive year the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, Oklahoma hosted the event.   Thousands of eggs, hundreds of prizes, candy a plenty, and hunters galore were all in place by 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

Following a prayer of thanksgiving, hunters were grouped by age and led to their respective areas and then the fun began.  Thousands of colored eggs full of prizes and surprises filled hundreds of baskets to overflowing.  Children and adults alike enjoyed the event.

But wait a minute—a church is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, really?  I though the church had a different Easter message.   Not sure if that is a dichotomy, an oxymoron, or a paradox?  Don’t decide until you hear a little bit of the story. 

Three years ago the Cumberland Presbyterian Church stepped in at the last minute and with the help of several donors, put on an Easter Egg Hunt that had previously been sponsored by the now defunct Chamber of Commerce and then by various individuals.  It was not going to happen otherwise.

Then, the real story began. The church session voted to adopt the Easter Egg Hunt as a ministry.
Hold your holy horses!  Hunting Easter Eggs is not about the real Easter story. Why is a church adopting this pagan pageant for kids?  Why indeed?

Does this church not know that the world is invading Christianity? How could they do this?
Actually, the world is not invading Christianity. Christianity is invading a lost world. The truth that Christians carry is being marched in to community after community around the world. That invasion has been underway for 2000 years.

It is not carried out with tank divisions and air strikes but with messages of how much God loves you.  In addition to the many prizes the children received, they also received a Gospel of John, stickers with a message of love, and pencils proclaim how much God loves us.

Heather Spence, the missions committee chair, engaged every helper with not only specific assignments, but the charge to convey the love of God in every encounter.  Robert Wascom and Don Foust roamed among the children with stickers and pencils and messages of “God loves you.”  Susan Manuel and Nora McCullough took names of children that might be blessed with a bicycle.  Adults and children put in names other than their own of children that might not ever have a bicycle otherwise.  Two bikes were delivered shortly after the egg hunt concluded.

Many worked for weeks in advance stuffing eggs and staging donations among them were Alice Callahan, Dora Westreicher, Buffy Westreicher, Victoria Glover, and Tom Collins.

This event truly reflected the generosity of the community. Linda Wascom was the donation coordinator.   Among the many donors were Burns Flat Auto Service Center, Washita State Bank, R-N-R Roofing, Heavenly Bodies, L&S Equipment, The Shop, Crown Geochemisty, Inc., Keith’s Butcher Shop, MODA, Advance America, Burns Flat City Hall, Great Plains National Bank, Bessie COOP, Rystic Star, Rudy’s Superette, Gret’s, Walmart Elk City, and many individual donors.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Didjano you can help the WOFCC?


Did I know what?

Didjano that even if you can’t donate money or time you can still help the WOFCC?

I suppose, well, how exactly?

It could be as simple as sharing one of our posts or inviting your friends to like our page.  Much of what we do begins with connections.  We connect with some who want to volunteer and some who want to pray for us. 

We connect with some who are nearby and can avail themselves of our services or offer some help and some on the other side of the state, nation, or planet who will share our page and somehow connect with someone close by.

You have heard of the six degrees of separation?  OK, you might have heard it called the six degrees of Kevin Bacon (some list seven degrees).  Geography is not much of a barrier when it comes to connecting these days; and much of what we have and will accomplish has to do with connections.

Connecting people who want to serve with opportunities to be of service sometimes takes the most circuitous routes.

Connecting people with the gift of intercession and an organization that thrives not only on volunteers and donations but on prayer is just the obvious thing to do.

Connecting even with the youth and children plants seeds.  One day in the not too distant future some of these young folks may just be a volunteer, board member, or a monthly donor.

The WOFCC does many wonderful things in western Oklahoma.  We are eager to get the word out so that we may truly be at the heart of these communities.  We are calling for donors, volunteers, prayer warriors, and yes, even some web savvy folks to share what we do in every online venue they know.

We serve many who would go without medical care, heat, water, and other basic needs without the support of many who can and do help.  This is a season to make more connections.

Please help as you can.

Please share.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Scouts to hold Spaghetti Dinner on 20 March 2016

Support your local scout troop!

Scout Troop 310 is holding a Spaghetti Dinner on Sunday, 20 March 2016 as a troop fund raiser.  The meal will be held at Will Rogers Elementary School from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The price is $5.

Go ahead and make your Palm Sunday lunch plans now and support your local scout troop.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Church Kids to Raise Money for Camp with Yard Sale

It’s time to do some spring cleaning and to donate some things that have become clutter to you.

But I’m not up for a trip to Christi’s or the Mission House this week.

No problem.  Just drop off your donations at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church or 323 Suwannee beginning 10 March 2016.  The Elementary Youth will be having a yard sale to raise money for church camp.

It is a chance to clean out.

It is a chance to give.

It is a chance to help send a kid to church camp and maybe be a part of changing a life.

The sale will begin on 12 March 2016 at 323 Suwannee, Burns Flat, Oklahoma.  More details to follow…