Thursday, May 2, 2019

Many Thanks to All Who Made the Egg Hunt so Successful

How do you get 7,000 plastic eggs out of a grass field?  Turn a couple hundred kids loose on them, that’s how.  That is exactly what happened on Saturday, 20 April 2019 at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat.  The church calls it Love Ambush #1.  It’s an Easter Egg Hunt with a twist.  The kids were ambushed by many people telling them that God loves them.  There were also plenty of prizes that helped send that message home.

Most of the candy and prizes were funded by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, but many in the community also gave generously and turned this into a community event.  Businesses and organizations that contributed were Walmart, Washita State Bank, Great Plains Bank, Burns Flat Hardware, MODA, Grets, Rudy’s, Pendleton’s, Monterey Restaurant, and Ace Hardware (Cordell). 

Other donations of money and in-kind donations were made by the following families:  Fleming, Price, Schneberger, Murray, Walker, Lovell, Hose, Thompson, Spence, Ferkins, Foust, McConiha, and Wascom.  A thank you is also due to many volunteers who worked many hours in preparation and worked the Saturday morning event.

What’s next for the CPC and its involvement with the community?  Chewy Tuesdays.  Beginning 4 June 2019, the church will deliver kid-friendly meals to children who will be home on Tuesday.  This is for every child in Burns Flat.  The parents just need to contact the church sometime during May.  There are no requirements to participate, but a conversation with the parents is needed to make sure that all food allergies are noted.  Deliveries may also be made to those who cannot get out on their own.  In any case, each meal is delivered with love and with a message of God’s love for us.

If you were wondering why this egg hunt is titled, Love Ambush #1, it’s because in the fall, there is Love Ambush #2, also known as Trunk or Treat.  There will be more on that at the end of the summer.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located at 205 State Highway 44.  The phone number is 562-4706.

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