Wednesday, November 8, 2017

There is a white bag on my doorstep

If you find a white bag on your doorstep this Saturday, don’t throw it away.  There is something inside for you to keep and a note asking you to put out nonperishable food the following Saturday.

Yes, it is time for the community food drive held annually by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Scout Troop 310, and over the past few years, many student athletes as well.  Your donations help feed hungry people over the next few months.

Much of the food collected goes to fill Thanksgiving baskets for those who came up a little short this year.  Other food doesn’t wait until Thanksgiving to be consumed.  The Cumberland Presbyterian Church gives out food on a year-round basis.

Many are hurting this year.  Many who received before have been blessed this year.  These food drives are part of being a community.  Those who are blessed help those in need.

Please look for your bag this Saturday.  Please fill it with canned food and put it on your doorstep on 18 November 2017 by 9:00 a.m..  As always, please make sure that the food that you donate is not expired.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I would really like to go to Reunion Sunday, but...

Reunion Sunday – 29 October 2017 – For those who are still holding on to their excuses…

Whatever it was that has kept you away, it is in the past.

Didn’t like the preacher?  It’s not about the preacher.  It’s about worshiping God.
Didn’t like the last sermon you heard?  It’s not about edutainment.  It’s about being with other believers and worshiping God.
Didn’t like the food at the fellowship meal.  Hey!  That just didn’t happen.  Throw out that excuse.
Afraid that people will give you funny looks because you have been away so long?  It could happen, but you should understand that smiles and hugs and handshakes and “Welcome” are our language.
Can’t remember why you stopped coming?  You just stopped and one day you got comfortable not worshiping God with other believers.  Ouch!  The world desires to conform you to its ways.
You like the television preachers better?  Who wouldn’t.  They can polish a message and broadcast it to many.  They are a good supplement to hearing God’s word read live and in the presence of other believers.  The television pastor or listening audience probably won’t visit you when you are sick, pray with you, or do your funeral service.  You belong in a flesh and blood family of faith.  Hint:  DVR for the TV messages.

Didn’t get enough recognition for everything you did for the church?  Maybe it’s time for one of those sermons that you don’t want to hear.

Here’s the thing.  Worship is not a buffet.  You don’t come to worship to be fed or entertained or even educated.  You come to worship God.  You come to give your heart fully to God.  In the process, you are fed and sometimes entertained and educated and feel better than you think you have a right to feel.  Welcome to God’s love.
OK, let’s cover a few buts…
But, the Bible doesn’t say you have to come to church.  Correct!  It says don’t stop coming.
But, I can worship God at home or on the lake or even visiting my grandkids.  That’s exactly what the Bible tells us to do.  Our whole lives are an act of worship; however, those things and more are to be done in addition to gathering and worshiping God.  Most of our worship is done outside the church building.
But I grew up Baptist or Catholic or Pentecostal…    There is one church and Jesus is the head.  We worship the same God, follow the same Jesus, and have received the same Spirit.  While the names on the walls and some of the traditions are different, these bodies of believers as well as every believer since Jesus said, “On this rock I build my church,” and the Holy Spirit kicked it into action are all a part of the same church.
We are the church!  We who have professed Jesus as Lord and Savior are the church.  We who follow Jesus are the church.

The church is called to gather frequently and worship the Lord together.  Worship gets us a long way to living in one accord.
Worship liberates us from what the world seeks to make us.
Worship helps us enjoy fellowship with one another.
Worship helps us love one another.
Worship helps us put aside our petty excuses (I know they seem huge to you right now) and enjoy the abundant life that God desires.
Worship is something wonderful that God designed us to do. 
If you read this far, why not take the next step and worship with us this Sunday.  The Call to Worship is at 10:55 a.m.  We have a meal after the service.
Come and worship the Lord.
Come and enjoy the fellowship of his people.

Come and be blessed.

Friday, September 29, 2017

American Legion seeking new members

Jim Snowberger announced today that anyone interested in joining the American Legion, Post 324, should meet at Rudy’s in Burns Flat on Saturday, 14 October 2017.  The meeting time is 1:00 p.m.

The post was formed in 1946 by World War II veterans and membership has atrophied over the decades; yet there are many honorably discharged veterans in our communities.  If you are interested, please attend this meeting to see what the American Legion is all about.  Bring your DD 214 as proof of honorable service.

For more information, contact Jim Snowberger at 580 562 4302.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Walk a Block for Jesus scheduled for 8 July 2017 – Save the Date

Here is the thing.  You will actually walk more than a block.  We are planning on 100 believers to walk 100 blocks greeting people that they meet, giving out GOD LOVES YOU – LOVE ONE AN0THER wristbands, praying for the entire block or the school or the business or someone who asks for prayer.  Many people will walk the same blocks.  It’s not about metrics.

It is about sharing good news and fellowship and going into the world as we have been commissioned to do.  We have gospels and wristbands to give away, and a new twist for this year as well.

What’s that?

We will invite the people that we meet to walk with us for a block or two or for the entire morning.  Those people get an additional wristband that reads Walk A Block for Jesus 2017.

This is not just for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
This is not just for people in Burns Flat.
This is not just for people who can walk.
This is for everyone who professes Jesus as Lord and Savior.

OK, I’m in.  What do I do?

Meet at the Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church (just north of the traffic light).  This is for all who believe in Jesus Christ.  We will go into the world, for these couple of hours that will be Burns Flat, and pray block by block, leave gospels at houses, give out wristbands to everyone we see, invite those that we see to walk a few blocks with us, and then meet back at the church building for lunch by noon.

This is for all believers regardless of the name on the outside of your church building or if you are not connected to a church.  Come, let us walk together.


What if I can’t walk very well?
We also have some support positions available such as driving and resupplying walkers with water and gospels, preparing lunch, clean up afterwards.  If you want to participate, there is a place for you.  Also, if you are on a walker or a scooter, you are welcome to participate.  This is not a race!

What if it is very hot?
Expect it to be hot, it is July after all.  Dress accordingly, drink plenty of water before you arrive and while you are walking.  Again, this is not a race.

What should I wear?
Please wear clothing suitable for walking.  If you have a Christian tee shirt or cap, you may want to wear it as well.

What if something happens while I am walking?
Every group will have plenty of phones and a watch will be maintained on the church phone.

What if I can’t make it by 9 am or must leave early?

If you come late, come to the church building and we will connect you with a group already walking.  If you must leave early, please inform your group leader and the person on watch at the church.  We do account for all who come to walk.

What if I have never done anything like this before?
Then it is time to take some first steps, and what better way to do it than with other believers.

Can children come too?
Children may certainly come with their parents.  Please don't just drop off younger children.  Come and walk together.  In may ways, children open doors and conversations that adults resist from other adults.  Who can resist a child asking, "May I tell your children that God Loves them and give them this wristband?"

Where do we meet?
Gather at the Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church (205 State Highway 44), just north of the town's one and only traffic light.  Be there by 9:00 a.m. for prayer and briefing.  We will divide into teams and then launch into the town from there.

Here is the basic 411:
  • Meet at the Burns Flat CPC
  • 205 State Highway 44, Burns Flat OK
  • 9 am - Noon (lunch)
  • Saturday, 8 July 2017
  • Dress for hot weather
  • Hydrate before during and after the event
  • This is not a race
  • Bring your friends
  • Bring your children
  • Lunch is provided following the walk

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Town Wide Yard Sale Underway!

The town wide garage sale in Burns Flat, Oklahoma is already underway, at least at 323 Suwannee.  The Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Youth have already begun their sales and will continue through this Saturday.

Why?  Well jumping the gun is nothing new in the Sooner state, but there is more.

Once again, this is the sale of the century or at least the decade, surely of this weekend.  There are treasures galore and surely some with your name on it.  These sales help the younger elementary children get to church camp.  Church camp is very expensive but very valuable in shaping young lives; therefore, it is very much worth the effort to raise funds for sending our future servants and leaders and followers of Christ to camp.

Come today.  Come Thursday.  Come Saturday.  New treasures are brought out each day, and by the way, you are part of getting kids to camp.  That should make it worth the trip!

Walk A Block for Jesus set for 8 July 2017

The Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church announced today that this year’s Walk A Block for Jesus will be on Saturday, 8 July 2017 and begin at 9 a.m.  This is not just for the local congregation but for all who believe and would give three hours on a Saturday morning to walk with other believers in the Spirit of the Lord.  Notice follows:

All believers in Jesus Christ regardless of the name on the side of the building where you worship or where you live are called to WALK A BLOCK FOR JESUS on 8 July 2017.  Gather at the Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church at 9 am to walk the town praying, giving out wristbands and gospels to those we meet, and enjoying fellowship and lunch back at the church building at noon.  SAVE THE DATE.  8 July 2017 – 9 am – Burns Flat CPC – Just north of the town’s only traffic light.

 A Note from Pastor Tom—

I have been on mission trips to Africa and to Mangum.  Some people have never ventured around the block in the name of the Lord.  This is a chance for those in Burns Flat to reach out to their neighbors and to those in surrounding areas to take some first steps in the mission field.  You don’t have to go to the other side of the world but a Saturday trip to Burns Flat makes for a nice first step.

Come from wherever you live and walk with other believers.  You will be blessed, and fed afterwards!

Walk A Block for Jesus
9 – Noon
Saturday, 8 July 2017
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
205 State Highway 44
(Just north of the one and only traffic light)
Burns Flat, Oklahoma

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Big Yard Sale set to begin this Thursday

The town-wide yard sale isn’t for another month, but in the Sooner State folks are just likely to jump the gun on selling and finding bargains.  The Cumberland Presbyterian Elementary Youth are holding a yard sale at 323 Suwannee in Burns Flat beginning this Thursday and continuing through Saturday. 

Why a 3-day sale?

The answer is because they have too much to sell in one day and bargains arrive new each day. You will want to buy something every time you stop in.

Why should I go to this yard sale?

The answer is that these sales help send elementary youth to church camp this June.  Camp is a place where many transformations take place but it costs $300 per child to go to camp.  It is expensive but well worth it.

So what are those who can’t afford it to do?  Raise money!  Selling hotdogs at Atwoods, silent auctions, and yes—a 3-day yard sale helps these youth earn their way to camp.

These youth belong to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.  You may have seen them handing out Gospels of John or blue wrist-bands that say:  God loves you – Love one another.  This week they need a little boost to get them to camp.

Donations are being accepted starting Monday and continuing through the week.  The sale begins on Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m.  Donate something that you don’t need anymore.  Buy something that you can’t live without.  Send a kid to camp!

Yard Sale
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
11-13 May 2017
323 Suwannee

8 am to ???

Burns Flat, Oklahoma 73624

Friday, May 5, 2017

Class of 2017 Baccalaureate to be held at 3:00 p.m. Sunday

The Class of 2017 cordially invites you to worship the Lord and celebrate the forthcoming graduation of these young men and women at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.  This year’s Baccalaureate will be held at the Burns Flat-Dill City High School Cafetorium on 7 May 2017.

Baccalaureate is a Christian worship service held in an academic institution for and often by the graduates of the institution.  The service is believed to have originated at the University of Oxford, England in 1432.  At that time every graduate receiving their “first” or bachelor’s degree offered a homily, often in Latin.  Our community is blessed to continue these services in this century with these high school seniors.  This year, the graduates present the entire worship service. Please worship God with these graduating men and women.

Class of 2017

Lindsay Nichole Ayers            Denby Max Blankenship
Kelsey Taylor Briggs              Cameron Corteze Carter
Christopher Dale Clark           Kirsten Marie Cooley
Katrina Charlotte Cowley       Brenden Strider Forest Estep
Brooklynn Danette Fricks       Marcus David Mouser
Joshua Tyler Mulkey               Nicole Star Nettles
Landry Jayden Norris              Lance Henry O’Neil
Nikita Rene Breanne Pyeatte  Nathan Daniel Ross
Brianna Rose Rush                  Lilly Ann Schneberger
Jarrett Reed Selman                Parry Dwayne Sharbono
Cody Alan Shropshire             Destiny Rose Standridge
Ethan Lane Stangl                   Kyle Ellis Theesen
Joshua Michael Wilmoth

The Burns Flat – Dill City Ministerial Alliance consists of the following churches.

Burns Flat                                            Dill City

First Baptist                                        First Baptist
Living Waters – Assembly of God    Grace Baptist
Cumberland Presbyterian

Please join the Class of 2017 as they lead worship for all who will come in the name of the Lord.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt Blesses Many

The weather cooperated and more than 150 egg hunters arrived from places near and far, mostly near, as over 5,000 colored eggs full of candy and prizes awaited children up to the age of 12.  Supplies were gathered and eggs were stuffed in the weeks preceding the event.  At 8:30 on Saturday morning, over a dozen volunteers under the direction of Missions Team Leader Heather Spence assembled at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and distributed the eggs into four age specific sections.

This was a community event sponsored by the church but it was not about honoring the Easter Bunny.  Prizes included children’s Bibles, wristbands, erasers, and other prizes with messages reminding the recipients that God really does love them.  Volunteers circulated among the adults and children with that same message:  God loves you!

The methodology was to lure the children to the event with eggs of all colors, candy, and prizes; then to ambush them with God’s love.  Several years ago, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church adopted the Easter Egg Hunt as a mission.  It has been embraced by the community.  This year, monetary donations exceeded $1,100.  There were also many gifts-in-kind.

Local Businesses that donated were Crown Geochemistry, Washita State Bank, Great Plains National Bank, Gret’s, Burns Flat Hardware, Pendleton’s Truck Stop, and Long John Silver’s of Clinton.  MODA once again donated prize baskets.  Individual donations included the Leon Williams family, the Donna Townsend Family, the Robert Wascom Family.  Donations in the form of Memorials were made in the names of Tonia Duncan and others in the names of Barbara and John Wascom.

(Above:  Drew Walker finds many treasures).

(Right:  Libby Spence helped sort and stage prizes for Saturday morning.)

(Left:  The youngest children seemed to have the most fun.)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Community Easter Egg Hunt set for Saturday at 10 am

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat announced that it would once again host the Community Easter Egg Hunt.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, 15 April 2017 at 10:00 a.m.
15 April 2017 on the church property.

The Easter Egg Hunt is for the youngest of children all the way up to those 12 years of age.  Many in the community have been quite generous and there will be many eggs and many prizes.  The Cumberland Presbyterian Church invites you to come and be blessed!

Where is the Cumberland Presbyterian Church?  It is at 205 Highway 44 (Just north and east of the traffic light).

What if my child doesn't have an Easter Basket?  Not to worry, there will be baskets on hand just for that purpose.

What should I wear?  Check the weather that morning, but the current forcast is for temperatures in the 70's and some clouds.  Please wear shoes not sandals as there may be an occasional grass burr in the field.

WARNING!!!  Someone will tell your child that God loves them!