Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Laci Stegall recognized as Unsung Hero at WOFCC banquet

Two ladies from Burns Flat, Oklahoma were recognized Tuesday evening, 15 November 2016 as Unsung Heroes.   One of them was Laci Stegall.

Laci Stegall (right) following the Unsung Heroes Banquet

 An Unsung Hero, as the title suggests, is someone who day in and day out do the things than need to be done to make a cohesive, safe, and viable community out of whatever their surroundings may be.  These may be police, service men and women, emergency workers, or the person who climbs the power poles in the ice storm to get the power back on.

These people do what they do not for recognition or accolades, but because of a unique call to service that has come alive in them.  The Western Oklahoma Family Care Center recognized Laci Stegall at its fundraiser banquet last night in accordance with the following citation.

Laci is the mother of 2, finishing her student teaching next month, Vacation Bible School Coordinator, youth leader with her husband Garrett for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, church camp counselor, and key member of the newly formed Parks and Recreation Committee for the Burns Flat community.  She is also found working the church kitchen, singing in the choir, and taking her turn in the nursery or attending to a special needs child.  She is also frequently engaged assisting her husband in many ways as he coaches various youth sports in the community.  These things she does without accolades, medals, or monetary incentive.  She is the epitome of the unsung hero.

Of all the things that she pours herself into, her role on the Parks and Recreation Committee for the town has resulted in revitalized baseball fields, a new skate park, a color run, and most recently a town birthday celebration that truly promoted a sense of community more than anything the town has done in 2 decades.

Laci is an unsung hero and truly deserving of this recognition.

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