Saturday, November 5, 2016

Do you know an Unsung Hero?

They don’t’ get recognized on television because they stand or don’t stand for the National Anthem.  They won’t get an Oscar, Tony, or even a Golden Globe this year.  They are not famous but you know who they are.

Who?  The Unsung Heroes of our community, that’s who.  These are the men and women who serve as police, in emergency services, or in the armed forces of the United States.  They are also the foster parents who take on one more child that nobody else wants.  They are the Sunday school teachers and Scout leaders that go the extra mile.  They are the person that you see at almost every volunteer event, often the first there and the last to leave as well as the hardest worker. 

 Occasionally, people thank them for their service.  These people don’t do what they do for the recognition or the thank you; but every once in a while; these folks should be recognized.  That is exactly what is happening at the Unsung Heroes WOFCC Fundraiser dinner on 15 November 2016.
This is a fundraiser for the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center but it is also an optimal venue for recognizing many unsung heroes in Beckham, Custer, Roger Mills, and Washita Counties. 

How does someone get recognized as an unsung hero?  It is as simple as a $100 donation to the WOFCC with a short (1 paragraph) description of why this person is worthy of recognition at this time.  That $100 donation provides a ticket for the unsung hero and spouse and two tickets for the donor.  Those recognized do not need to prepare a speech or rent a tuxedo.  Some may not even be able to attend because of what they do, but the account of their service will be read during the banquet.  You may submit a deployed serviceman or service woman as well.  They may be on the other side of the world, but they will be recognized here.

Realize that this is a fundraiser for a very good cause—the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center. That is why each unsung hero submission needs to be accompanied by a $100 or more donation.  If that seems like a large amount for your finances, consider getting a group together to sponsor an unsung hero.

If you live in Washita County and would like to sponsor an unsung hero, please contact Reverend Thomas Spence at (580) 562-4706.  If you would like to sponsor an unsung hero from elsewhere in the state, please contact the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center at (580) 225-5500.

And for those who want to do more...

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