Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Please visit the WOFCC table at the Burns Flat Celebration this Saturday

The Burns Flat 60 Year Celebration will have a table manned for the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center.  The center helps people in need in Beckham, Custer, Roger Mills, and Washita Counties.  Services are free to those who need them but rely on the generosity of the community in recurring donations and fund raising events such as this.

Volunteers will be at this event to help raise money for the center.  Why do you need to raise money for “free” services.

Answer:  The services are provided at no cost to those who need them, but there is a cost—a significant cost.  These “free” services can be provided because of the people of the community with compassionate hearts.

The WOFCC staff leverage every dollar received and produces $1.41 worth of services.  Now that’s a return on investment that you just don’t see these days.

Here are some raw numbers:

Western Oklahoma Family Care Center Benevolent Assistance Rendered   As of September 30th, 2015 The total benefit to our clients and patients in 2014 exceeded $281,000.  Based on our income for the same period, that translated to $1.41 of benefit for every $1.00 of income we received.

Hope Dental Clinic   (Since April 15th, 2011) Total market value of free services = $459,010 (12‐month average = $103,927) Total visits   = 1,594 Total sessions  =    233 Total patients  =    584

 Hope Medical Clinic (Since January 3rd, 2012) Total market value of free services = $457,998 (12‐month average = $124,909) Total visits   = 2,289 Total sessions  =     466 Total patients  =     653

Financial Assistance (Since April 2007) Total Financial assistance provided: $307,043 Total households being monitored   = 1,603 Total individuals in households   = 3,661 (51% of individuals are children)

Predominant household characteristic:   Single (mostly with children):       29%   Age 30‐49:     48%     Caucasian:  77% Female:             71%   Renting their home:   58%

Visits for most recent 12 months: Total Visits = 403 New Clients   = 157 Follow‐Ups   = 30
 New Issues   = 216 Dollars Spent for most recent 12 months by funding source: Clothing/Household    = $  1,915 (Christi’s Bazaar) Rent/Emergency Housing = $     265 (Monthly donors) Travel Assistance    = $  1,467 (Monthly donors) Utilities     = $26,686 (Monthly donors, Salvation Army) Pharmaceuticals    = $     588 (Monthly donors) DLO Labs     = $  4,381 (Monthly donors) Total for previous 12 months = $35,302

Why is there a table at a Burns Flat event?

Pastor Tom Spence of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat noted that only last week he referred 4 families to the center for financial assistance and talked with two others that recently received medical or dental help.  That was just in a week.

Some people think that they need to retreat from charitable giving because times have gotten tougher.  Many who still have jobs have taken pay cuts, but all are asked to count their blessings one more time and see if there isn’t an extra $100, $250, or more that could be given to help those who have lost jobs or can’t afford the “affordable” health care options.

If you can’t afford to help in these amounts, please buy a $25 ticket to the Fall Fund Raiser to be held on 10 November 2015.  Tickets to this event will be available Saturday.

Now is the time for those who still have an income to have mercy on those who do not.  The WOFCC is a faith based nonprofit organization that has served many in the Burns Flat and Washita County areas.  Whether it continues to serve will be based upon your compassion and generosity.

More opportunities to help the WOFCC:

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