Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fielding a fundraising team for the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center.

I am fielding a fundraising team for the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center’s Fall Fundraiser.

The center is a jewel here in western Oklahoma.  It helps those in need with food and some bills.  Yes, we do that in our local church bodies and in the ministerial alliance, but the WOFCC goes farther.  It has a medical and dental clinic for those who have fallen through the cracks in a time when in theory everyone must have medical insurance.    The need for medical and dental treatment among the poor is greater now than ever before.

The services are free to those who use them but that doesn’t mean there is no cost.  Donors have kept the doors open at this wonderful facility that services Beckham, Custer, Roger Mills, and Washita Counties.  For every $1 donated the WOFCC produces $1.41 worth of services.

Please consider the previous statement.  For every $1 donated the WOFCC produces $1.41 worth of services.  That’s quite the return on investment and we are always working to leverage our donations even more.

Our fall fund raiser is upon us.  If you are motivated to help me raise money to provide these essential services for those in need, please let me know soonest.

Yes to both.  I am crazy about this faith based organization that is God’s love in action in western Oklahoma and yes, I really do want you to come onboard and be a part of loving your neighbor.

Are we asking for money or other donations?
Yes to both.  Monetary donations help the most but some businesses may opt to give a gift certificate that can be used in the silent auction later on.

Sometimes I think people are just trying to get something for nothing and don’t need help.  How do I know that is not the case here?
There are always some who think they are better off trying to get something for nothing than to work for it.  We do see a few people like that.  Here’s the thing:  We introduce everyone to this wonderful thing called the gospel.  We challenge them to live a truly abundant life.  Yes, the WOFCC is a faith based organization.  Its board is composed of Christian men and women with longstanding faith and service in their churches and communities.  We know that there is a greater need to be met beyond the root canal, antibiotics, food basket, or water bill that we helped with in the short term.  We are an organization motivated to be more than a Band-Aid.  We desire to reach the hearts of all who come for services.

We are love in action and we do speak the truth in love.  Our staff and volunteers are as shrewd as snakes and as gentle as doves. 

I’m ready to get on board.  What do I do?
Stop by and see Tom or call him at 580 562 4706 or email at and we will get started.

Is there a cost to join the team?
All team members are asked to contribute $50.  This gives you a little skin in the game and gets you a banquet ticket for the 10 November 2015 main event.

Is there a theme for this year’s fundraising efforts?
Yes, this year’s theme is Survivor.  There will be some fun events along the way for teams to participate in and compete.

I’m not ready to be a part of a fundraising team, but I would like to donate.  What do I do?
You may drop a check made out to the WOFCC by Tom’s office (at the Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church) or mail it directly to the center at:
609 West E Avenue
Elk City OK 73648

I would like to make a recurring monthly donation.  What do I do?
This is exactly the type of donation that the WOFCC needs to sustain year-round services.  Please contact Krista Hererra at 580 225-5500.

Why are you a part of this?
I am Tom Spence.  I am the pastor of the Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  I am also an officer on the board of the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center.  I don’t have time for things that don’t please God.  I don’t get involved in frivolous causes.  I have learned to number my days and consider every minute precious to me, so when I was asked to serve on the WOFCC board; I gave it a thorough examination as I did not want to give my time or money to something that was mediocre or subsidized an entitlement mentality.

The WOFCC was and continues to be an example of what God’s people can do when we trust him and put our gifts, talents, and treasures to work.  This is a place that does more than it can do with less than it needs.

I want to see it fully equipped for every good work.  I want to see it touch everyone in our communities, not only the disadvantaged whom we help with food and services; but those who are called by God to be of service.  Money is only a part of the equation.  It is the part that we are focused upon right now; however, there is an ongoing need for volunteers.  If you are called to help others, the WOFCC may just be the venue for which you have been searching.
Why am I a part of this?  It is something that I believe pleases God.  It is one way that we may show ourselves to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is already in place and runs on a continuous improvement mindset, so all I had to do was get on board with my time, talent, and treasure.

I am on board and invite you to join me!

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