Thursday, September 17, 2015

Book signing set for 26 September 2015 at Rebecca's House of Coffee

Local author Tom Spence will be at Rebecca’s House of Coffee in Elk City, Oklahoma on Saturday, 26 September 2015 to hold a book signing for one of his newest releases from Tate Publishing.  He will be at the coffee shop from 1:00-3:00 p.m. on that day.

The book is PoMo Poverty:  Finding Abundance in the 21st Century.  Yes, PoMo is the modern vernacular for post modern—this is very much a book for our times.  The topic is poverty as you have never heard it addressed before.

Spence cuts quickly to heart of the matter in how so many efforts to help those in need often keep people in poverty instead of helping them out.  Not content with just identifying the problem at its root cause, Tom guides us to leading people out of poverty not through hand outs but through inclusion in the body of Christ.

Tom Spence is an ordained minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the pastor of the congregation in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.  He is a retired Marine Corps officer, and graduate of Oklahoma State University, and of Mangum High School.  Tom also serves as an officer on the board of the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center which services Beckham, Custer, Roger Mills, and Washita Counties.

Tom will also have copies of his other books including:  Throw Away Kids, Christianity for Marines, Heaven and Hell, Forced Confessions, and a novel that you might just have to read straight through—Even the Elect—so your heart will stop racing.

Tom will also bring a children’s book—God Loves You.  This book contains a message that all too often parents forget to convey to their children on a daily basis.

Books will be available at the signing or can be ordered in advance online from Tate Publishing or

Media Alert
Author Tom Spence Book Signing Event
WHEN: 2015-09-26
TIME: 1 pm – 3 pm
WHERE: Rebecca's House of Coffee, 103 S Main St, Elk City, OK 73644
WHAT: Spence, a resident of Burns Flat, OK, will be available to sign copies of his book, PoMo Poverty
Time and time again we help people who are struggling by giving money or food or a ride. Time and time again they turn away from the people who helped them, away from God, and away from the church that paid their water bill and go right back to the lifestyle that enslaves them.
The problem is that we do things that are never addressing the problem. There will always be poverty so long as there is exclusion. Often we have donated food or money, we have also helped people in need continue to worship their false gods, be they self-pity, a mind-set of entitlement, or belief that they are a victim.
PoMo Poverty is written not to the impoverished, but to those of us who may lead them to the bread of life, living water, and inclusion in the family of faith. In true Christian fellowship, there are no outsiders. Abundance in this century is centered upon inclusion.

Links to Tom's books:

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Acceptance of Authority -  This is the book that will change America

Forced Confessions - This is the book that asks if we really want to follow Jesus

Even the Elect - What if all the prophecy in the Bible had already been fulfilled?  All of it!

Tough Day at the Plate - Everyone loves a good baseball story, especially a children's story.

Christianity for Marines - If you are not a Leatherneck, you just won't understand

In the beginning:  A Play in three unique acts - A light-hearted look at the creation

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