Saturday, May 6, 2017

Big Yard Sale set to begin this Thursday

The town-wide yard sale isn’t for another month, but in the Sooner State folks are just likely to jump the gun on selling and finding bargains.  The Cumberland Presbyterian Elementary Youth are holding a yard sale at 323 Suwannee in Burns Flat beginning this Thursday and continuing through Saturday. 

Why a 3-day sale?

The answer is because they have too much to sell in one day and bargains arrive new each day. You will want to buy something every time you stop in.

Why should I go to this yard sale?

The answer is that these sales help send elementary youth to church camp this June.  Camp is a place where many transformations take place but it costs $300 per child to go to camp.  It is expensive but well worth it.

So what are those who can’t afford it to do?  Raise money!  Selling hotdogs at Atwoods, silent auctions, and yes—a 3-day yard sale helps these youth earn their way to camp.

These youth belong to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Burns Flat, Oklahoma.  You may have seen them handing out Gospels of John or blue wrist-bands that say:  God loves you – Love one another.  This week they need a little boost to get them to camp.

Donations are being accepted starting Monday and continuing through the week.  The sale begins on Thursday morning at 8:00 a.m.  Donate something that you don’t need anymore.  Buy something that you can’t live without.  Send a kid to camp!

Yard Sale
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
11-13 May 2017
323 Suwannee

8 am to ???

Burns Flat, Oklahoma 73624

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