Saturday, October 22, 2016

God bless Burns Flat and western Oklahoma

I was setting up my table for the Western Oklahoma Family Care Center today at the Burns Flat Birthday Bash.  It is a wonderful thing that some of the younger leaders in our community have put together in grand fashion for 2 years now. They are turning the tide in community involvement.

It was time for the official kick off to the event so I moved to where the microphone and stage and high school band were to see what would take place.  To my delight, the event kicked off with the band playing the National Anthem.  Everyone stood, caps were removed, and hands moved to cover hearts as the music started.

Near the front was an older lady (meaning older than me) who was a bit on the frail side.  She was seated on the curb and nobody would have given her grief for not standing in her condition, but she would have none of it.  It took her until what so proudly we hailed to get upright and a beat or two longer to get her hand over her heart, but she would not stop until she was facing our National Ensign and rending proper respect.

It is good to live in western Oklahoma where God is welcome and Old Glory still brings men, women, and children to their feet.

So many have forgotten that God is to be first in all things that that we have no rights that we have earned.  Our rights that are so often taken for granted and often abused were given to us by each generation that answered the call to protect and defend this great nation against all enemies. 

Every week I deal with people whose lives are upside down.  Every once in a while, it is good to see that we get something just right.

God bless western Oklahoma!

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