Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pyatt updates community on the Projects of the Foss Lake Association

In addition to announcing this year's Christmas in July, Neva Pyatt also provided an update on what the Foss Lake Association has been doing and plans to do.  Her update follows:

Annual Events
Organize and manage the Christmas in July Festival each year, which honors our Veterans and Military and Provide a huge fireworks display * Participate in the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Lake by furnishing money for the prize eggs.

This Year
Provided feed for the Buffalo * Paid for material to extend boat ramps during drout *
Paid for a track hoe to clean up the silt around the boat ramps

Previous and Ongoing Projects
Monetary support for the Veteran’s Center Comfort room in Clinton * Helped purchase of a Sonar GPS 360 degree depth finder, which solved a 40 year mystery involving 2 cars and several missing people. It is capable of locating victims in the event of an accident on the water * Support the Boy Scouts life vest lending program and added one on the north side * Planted willow trees around the lake to prevent erosion on the banks * Placed approximately 700 cedar trees in the lake for fish habitat * Worked with game department to restock the fish in the lake * Helped with planting of aquatic vegetation in the lake for fish habitat * Improved and expanded boat trailer parking at Sandy Beach * Furnished help and paid a percentage on the new main dock * Worked with Foss State Park and others in getting storm sirens at the lake * Helped with two new docks for Foss Lake * Stripped the lanes at the Marina boat ramp * Paid for feed for the buffalo * Bought hand held radios for the F.L.A.P. workers

New Projects in Planning Stage
Lake side I.D. emergency and cove I.D. signage with solar strobe lights

New Playground Equipment * Tornado Shelter * Additional RV hook-ups & better electrical services * Continued improvement & monitoring of docking facilities  

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